An Overview of IBM Rational Functional Tester

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Today’s article is explicitly devoted to IBM Rational Functional Tester, made by IBM IT giant; this tool helps to perform automated and functional testing.

This software helps testers execute automated testing, functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing, manage test data.

Functions of IBM Rational Functional Tester

  • Storyboard Testing — a special tool to simplify test visualization and test editing, by using a common language and screen captures;
  • Integration with Jazz Eclipse Client 2.0 — it gives access to the components of test actions and logically supports the tests (on the basis of an embedded support client);
  • Execution of automated testing, that is completely resistant to constant changes of a graphical interface, on the basis of a licensed ScriptAssure technology;
  • Testing dynamic information with the help of various masters, testing points, and templates for regular expressions;
  • A possibility to use a set of key phrases to perform partial automation of manual testing;
  • A possibility to manually select a programming language to create and configure a group of tests: for example, Java in Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Basic .NET ;
  • Built-in support of all user actions on the basis of SDK proxy server (Java/.NET);
  • Supports functional testing of Oracle ERP virtual environments on the basis of special extensions;
  • Works on Windows and Linux OS.

Advantages of Rational Functional Tester

  1. Testing Java software;
  2. Testing any web applications;
  3. Creating test scripts in Java;
  4. Using ScriptAssure technology and testing the changes in the applied information;
  5. Complete integration with the shared communication Rational tools;
  6. Good integration of tests in WebSphere Studio, Eclipse, and Rational XDE Developer environments.

We’d like to admit that IBM RFT completely integrates with IBM RQM (, therefore, it contains an additional set of configurations to properly manage a testing process.

All tools that are included in this platform not only accelerate the work of this software but also considerably simplify the coordination and communication inside a testing department.

On the basis of embedded tools that are included in IBM Rational Quality Manager, a software testing team will always have relevant and up-to-date information regarding software testing.

In particular, a development department can instantly find information on the bugs found by QA engineers and this will help to finally reproduce the defects.

Moreover, a project management department will also have information on the level of risks at each stage of the product that is being developed.

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