Automated Testing


Effective Test Data Management for Automated Testing

Working with test data can be extremely difficult and tedious. But if you enlist effective planning and strategic approaches, then everything can be organized so that all tests run as expected. Let’s see how to do it right.


Turnkey Web Application Test Automation

This article will highlight methods of automated software testing when there will be no need to create numerous test cases or e-2e tests with the help of a user.


Testing Flutter Applications

This article describes possible ways of testing cross-platform and native applications, analyzes the reasons why Flutter can be extremely useful during daily testing, and highlights the issues that may be met during its usage.


Some Effective Tips for Testers on How To Learn JavaScript

The process of learning JavaScript increases the surface area of the software system where a user can get particular information, monitor the system performance, control, and manipulate it as the tests require. All this increases the capacities of high-quality software testing.


Three Types of Developers That Work in Every Office

This article describes three most interesting types of developers that work in every office.


Creating Autotests on Android: A List of the Most Popular Tools

Creating automated tests on Android is quite a difficult procedure. Unfortunately, on the Internet there’s no detailed description of how to do it correctly. That’s why in this article, we tried to describe as fully as possible the basic stages of the formation of the auto testing process for Android.


Best Libraries That Are Used in Test Automation

This article gives an overview of the most popular libraries that are good for creating simple and working unit tests while performing automated software testing.


Performance Testing: Types and Popular Tools

Performance testing is a very important part of software testing that helps to check its proper performance. This type of testing has various types and also use cases that help to look at software system capability from different perspectives.


How Can a Manual Tester Join an Automation Field?

Every year the profession of a manual tester becomes less and less popular. Therefore, more and more specialists think to change their field to the field of test automation. This article will give helpful tips on how to become a qualified automated tester.


Software Bots: Concept and Peculiarities of Testing

At the time when people have created the first PCs, they were considering developing special programs that could think and talk as real people do. Such programs would be intended to automate social practices and solve difficult operating tasks. Further in the article, we will talk about modern bot platforms, their story behind, and a useful logic.