How to Start Implementing Test Automation?

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Getting started with automated tests may seem something difficult. Especially for those who do this for the first time!

If you are this kind of software tester, this article is exactly for you. So, if you’re using open source tools, you have several options on how to start the process:

  1. Develop your framework, and make scripts based on the documents;
  2. Use Selenium IDE for instant download and playback;
  3. Use TestProject Recorder for instant recording and displaying;
  4. Use TestProject SDK to develop personal custom scripts for the test automation process.

Each of these approaches has both strengths and weaknesses. Next, we will analyze them in more detail.

Development of Your Framework


  • You can develop a lot of features following design peculiarities and client requirements;
  • All created features can be edited anytime.


  • You have to know the programming language to write automated tests;
  • You need to develop all the tests by yourself (or use additional libraries from the Internet).

Selenium IDE


  • It’s easy to configure;
  • It works properly both in Chrome and Firefox;
  • The program code can be exported in different formats;
  • Developed tests can be run via command line;
  • It can be synchronized with WebDriver.


  • Basic reports without any comprehensive information;
  • Can be used only to automate tests for web programs.

TestProject Recorder


  • Smart recorder;
  • It can be used for web applications and all native applications;
  • The built-in agent can automatically detect all available web browsers and devices that are currently connected to the machine;
  • Running tests in a one-time form or using the built-in scheduler via REST API;
  • Ability to generate program code from a previously created script.


  • It functions only in Google Chrome;
  • The generated program code is quite simple, suitable only for familiarization;
  • Each test is exported separately. There is no single concept of reuse in the system.

TestProject SDK


  • It uses WebDriver that helps you create your frameworks;
  • Driver control is based on TestProject. The involved automated tester can focus on the test automation process.


  • you need to master a programming language perfectly.

Product companies usually need automated software testers when implementing large IT projects that involve several teams, and have complex algorithms and business logic. Through automation, they reduce the risk of defects that are unacceptable in a tight release schedule.

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