Automated Testing


An Efficient Combination of Several Frameworks on a Project

It’s hard to say whether it’s good to use more than one frameworks on a project. The answer will probably be “Yes” since [highlight dark="no"]it’s highly recommended to work with several frameworks[/highlight], that can be used for more than purpose. Further, we’ll analyze when this should be used and when it should not be done.


How to Deploy Test Automation in a Few Steps

An automation testing deployment can be reduced to 7 steps. We will talk about them further in this article.


Test Automation Interview: What Should You Prepare for and What Do You Need to Know?

This article will describe the process of attending an interview for the position of automated test developer. We will analyze the questions that you may be asked during an anterview for this position.


How to Automate Testing of Endpoints

Constant shifting left, which becomes unnecessary when using the method of continuous deployment, inevitably increases the amount of feedback from a QA department.


Robot Framework: A Quick Review, Main Benefits, and Drawbacks

An original keyword-driven framework that was developed in Python for software test automation purposes. To create tests you just need to use keywords that are inside this framework without recourse to programming. What other benefits and drawbacks does this tool have? Let’s see further.


Best Demo Websites to Perform Software Test Automation

Before you spend tons of time studying and developing a test suite for a new automation test framework, it is better to try it on different types of websites. Thus, you’ll ensure that this particular framework performs reliably and is user-friendly.


Which Programming Language to Choose for Automated Testing

Any automated testing implies the use of a certain set of tools for the automated execution of test cases created earlier. Undoubtedly, we cannot talk imagine this process without a programming language. Further, we’ll have a look at how to choose the most appropriate one.


Python Testing Basics

Python is considered to be a universal programming language. It can be easily understood by both junior developers and senior developers and some analysts even regard it as the most popular language in IT. It is also simple, technically “elegant” and readable and this is exactly what is needed to transform test cases into efficient test scripts.


Ten Commandments of Automated Test Development

This article will describe commandments we should keep while developing automated tests.


Continuous Integration and Software Testing

The continuous integration (CI) process is used by developers, specialists in automated software testing, and of course all those who are interested in the IT field have heard about it. Further in the article, we’ll talk about the main concepts and basic purpose of CI. We will analyze how it works and what tasks it performs!