Performance testing


The Most Common Developer Tools for Android

It is important to understand that when interacting with any Android gadget, the concept of the location of the base parameters and their system tasks is the key to first-class and effective performance tests of the Android OS. Developer mode is a great opportunity to conduct a detailed check with the connection of all the important and relevant set of parameters of this operating system!


Basic Types of Software Performance Testing

Any performance testing is not just a kind of testing but a general description of many testing types that gives data about current system behavior under different circumstances. Nowadays, software practice includes several performance testing types which we will consider in detail.


Guide for Contact Center Testing

In order to have a constant and stable connection with the clients, the contact center should use qualitative and proven technical system which can work under any business conditions. Executing testing in a contact center is key to effective and successful work.


Knowledge Required to Conduct Documentation Testing

Distribute lists of usability problems and unsuccessful design decisions among the interested persons. These lists should also become the topic of regular meetings, and it is necessary to pay attention to them as early as possible so that by the time of the user interface freezing all key changes have already been made. Once you have the drafts of the

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Third Party Software Testing Services: The Difference Between Verification and Validation

Both the developer and the tester pursue the common goal: a software product that works correctly and appeals to their customers. There are two main functions of software testing process: first is verification and the second is validation. The verification and validation functions can be defined as follows: Verification is the process of examining software of a particular phase of

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Testing Software Services: The Benefits of Abbreviations in the Test Documentation

In most cases, test tables list types of input data. This information may be enough to start running tests on some software applications. Again, you can get a general idea of ​​what will be tested, without having to seek for additional information. The test table helps to track crucial data, including test input, expected results and test status. The use

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