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Software testers are like heroes in the world of IT testing services. Why like this? Software developers get all the merits for creating programs, when testers are those people who get a raw product into shape – remains in the shadow.

If go back into history, software tester as a job appeared not long time ago and to find a person with 10 years of experience in this field – is virtually impossible. It’s believed that the first testers were the quality assurance consultants.

How did the profession of a software tester appear? Everything is quite simple: software test companies concluded that a main component of success is quality. As a result, if several years ago this profession was considered rare and not demanded, today the demand for testers much exceeds the offer.

#1 Tester’s Aims & Objectives

The main aims and objectives of a tester – to make a product or a program better. Software tester is like a detective, who follows a programmer’s footsteps and searches for bugs. Checking a program for bugs is not enough. The ultimate goal of testing is to make a program, which will meet the requirements and needs of users and customers.

#2 Career Development

To get a job as a tester-probationer is not hard. Especially, nowadays the majority of software testing companies prefer to hire people without experience and then train them or on some special courses (their own or external) or in the “field conditions”. The standard scheme of a career development is following:

tester career

#3 To Detect & Eliminate

A common problem for testers is the absence of clear requirements on the part of the customer. Let’s agree that it’s hard to satisfy a person who sometimes doesn’t know what he or she wants. Tester job consists of detecting and analyzing of bugs, drawing reports about the testing process, bug elimination, etc. Basically, the sooner bug is found, the better end result will be.

#4 Tester is a Man of all Seasons

Testers who work in best software testing companies is a cross-functional specialist. He is good at performing all testing types, like functional testing as a service, security testing service, localization testing service, and many others. Moreover, tester combines the features of test designer, test developer, and test system administrator.

#5 Professionals Should Know This:

  • Windows OS & Mac OS.
  • Software languages.
  • Essential systems of test automation.
  • Bug tracking systems.
  • Various types of applications.
  • Essential testing methodologies.
  • Technical English.

#6 Homeworking

A definite advantage of tester profession is the possibility of working from home. Remote testing is especially widespread in work with web applications.

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