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There are many program errors that manifest themselves only under a certain combination of conditions, sometimes much unexpected ones. Any error is actually reproducible. The question at issue is how to identify the conditions that cause it to occur. And sometimes it is easier for the programmer to cope with this task, if the program code is in front of his very eyes. However, you should not give up on the problem situation ahead of the game. Quality assurance testing services are provided to detect all possible software errors and minimize their number before the product is commercially released.

Here are a few ways to determine the cause of software error.

Increased Load

Typically, the tester performs the common test at a quick pace. On detecting an error in software program, he reruns the test which helped to find the error, but this time in a much slower and careful manner. And if this time the tester fails to reproduce the error, the whole thing may be just the difference in the execution speed: at first the program was forced to run faster than it could. Try to perform the test again at normal speed – carry out it a few times. Try to increase the load on the computer or replace the machine with slower computer to run tests on it.

It is worth considering offshore software testing as a cost effective way to ensure higher quality of software under development.

Missing Parts

If the program is tested informally, without a strict plan, the tester may just forget what he did, or miss some insignificant detail that really was the key. It happens that the tester simply pushes buttons at random, without looking at them and caring about what he is doing – so, how can one understand what has failed?

But even during the planned testing, when the tester is even momentarily distracted he may accidentally perform an operation twice or simply press the wrong key. The reason for the failure to reproduce the problem situation can be your own fault or accidental unplanned action. In this case, you should try to remember as accurately as possible the moment right before the problem arose, when everything started to go wrong, and all the work was not going according to plan anymore, and the moment in which you took your mind off, to isolate the problem completely.

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