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It is not a wonder that software usage became an integral part of our life. Daily users send hundreds of thousands of requests from a PC, tablet or smartphone even without thinking how the transmitted data remains confidential and safe.

With the growth use of web- and desktop apps, also the quantity of software hacking and users’ identity theft grow. For that very reason, security testing services became an important stage development and are gaining popularity with every day.

One should understand that security testing services include and app testing services, and testing of their environment, plus methods of data storage and data transfer. The tester should possess various skills and knowledge (not only programming language) because the substantial part of any process is the full understanding of technologies used in application testing services. Due to this, the tester can assume in advance, where the vulnerabilities are hiding and how to fix them.

It is necessary to take into consideration that applications are located in operation system, whether it be the server, computer, tablet or smartphone. Security testing services require knowledge of system administration, moreover skills of an experienced user. As for application testing service, it is provided to identify potential issues with the application compatibility on the browsers and devices that matter to the users.

Today one of the most critical software vulnerabilities is a software susceptibility to SQL-injections. It allows access to data that is stored in app database. So, the knowledge of SQL data query language and SQL dialect is very important for a valid application security testing service. Security testing engineer must be familiar with the basics of cryptography and know what methods of data encryption really protect the information, and what algorithms are easy to hack.

In general, security testing services require a wide range of knowledge. It is not necessarily to have extensive programming skills; however, one should have the idea of various technologies, their advantages and disadvantages. The programming language in the context of security testing services is the instrument of information processing. For finding vulnerabilities, it is not necessary to write algorithms of enciphering or be able to obfuscate a code during program performance, but it is necessary to understand the idea of the variable, massif, class, structure, etc., and also realize the interact of these entities.

In conclusion I would like to say that knowledge of programming languages is not a key skill that tester should possess for performing successful security testing services, however, it is essential to have a general idea of basic principles and processes of application operation, of application testing services, what is an operating system and its configuration.

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