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Software testing is:

  • the process of testing a software item in software development life cycle with the intent of verifying the quality of the product;
  • the process of verifying the compliance of the product requirements with fully implemented functionality, executed by observing the performance of the product in artificial situations and with a limited set of tests specified in a certain manner;
  • the evaluation of the system with the intent of finding the differences between what the system should be and as it is.

To a wide extent, testing is one of the quality control techniques (Quality Control), which includes planning, designing, performing tests and analyzing the results.

SQA services allow the users to market their software products while achieving their cost and quality goals.

quality assurance process

It is important to understand that software testing service includes not only the actual running of the tests, but many other activities related to the quality assurance process:

  • analysis and planning;
  • test scenario development;
  • evaluating criteria for the testing completeness;
  • writing reports;
  • reviewing documentation (including the source code);
  • conducting static analysis.

Software testing companies offer a wide variety of testing services. They provide competitive testing solutions for desktop, web and mobile devices.

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