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If you are interested in automated testing services and want to implement them on a project then check out our 4 artful delusions about automated testing.

#1 Why do we need something else if there is an automated testing?

It is impossible to replace other types of software testing with test automation because all test results require human opinion and assessment. Sure enough, that script is unable to make the final decision for you.

#2 Time for testing after writing a script!

Unfortunately, a once written script cannot be used forever. Even a simple dialog box added to the new version can interrupt an automated testing. Unlike the machine, the person can easily perform testing after software upgrade but the script will need to be updated so that it can match a new condition.

The situation becomes much more complicated in the course of client / server testing complemented by multi-user testing. Now user scripts must exchange information about the changes among themselves. Thus, automated software testing as a service involves labor costs for supporting test automation connected with the product development.

#3 Anyone can write scripts!

The necessary tools can simplify automated testing, but they cannot do everything instead of you. More often, these tools help to write test scenarios and workflow, then repeat them at the end. So, they are unable to do all the work for the person that lacks software testing or development experience. Even a simple automated testing service cannot be performed without certain skills that are needed to automate the use of variables, to monitor the testing sequence and so on.

#4 Script is written, so why not to pass all builds through it!

It would be great if everything was so simple! In the real world, we analyze all script outputs and edit them in order to keep up with the changes of the tested system. The more scripts you have, the more things are to be taken into consideration. Software testing services, namely automated testing, is without doubt beneficial, since it can help you to maximize your test results. But all testing cannot be automated!


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