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The given article covers the most useful tips and tricks for beginners in software testing services that would help to avoid common mistakes and perform one’s job successfully.

1. Think profoundly over the test coverage!

It is essential to know that product should be tested to a full extent, considering all aspects and features. Therefore, product development needs intelligence and combination of various test design techniques. It is also important to coordinate own actions according to manager’s requirements, in order not to study deeply a single feature for a long time, when you are actually expected to perform a full-featured testing. So, you may miss deadlines.

2. Defragment tested software!

Software testing consulting provides the clients with advisory services in the area of testing methodology, strategy and QA consulting.To provide the full coverage of software product, one should divide it into smaller functional modules, then to write test cases for those individual blocks, and if possible, divide the functional modules into much smaller pieces. Some testers while working imagine the tree with the wide branches.

3. Be consistent!

The basic idea that is hammered into the minds of future testers – is to start their work with positive scenarios. In very deed, one should start with checking of users’ behaviour.

4. Be a hunter while perform testing!

When you start testing the software – embody the hunter instincts and motivate yourself on error chasing. Dismiss any thoughts that the product will be without bugs, it’s ridiculous! Being meticulous will allow finding even the most unnoticeable problems.

5. Share your test cases before development process!

There is no need to hide test cases from programmers before development process just because of the thought that you will detect more bugs. If coders analyze your reports before the development process, the product will get better and you can save more time on repeating the work and fixing bugs.And don’t be afraid to communicate with programmers, but reasonably.

6. Define test cases for regression testing services!

Define test cases and group them in advance. Thus, you will greatly simplify and speed the work on repeated manual testing.

7. Remember about the productivity!

It is necessary to assess carefully the productivity of the products that require critical response time. Since each dedicated tester has a separate task pane, it is important to see the whole picture. Pay attention not only on your part of work (functionality, GUI, etc.), but also cooperate with the manager for a faster problems solution.

8. Make notes!

You should record new terms, concepts, observations and testing processes that would be useful for a further work performance.

9. Exchange the experience!

It is important to establish a dialogue between co-workers, in order to learn more about new techniques, methods and practices.

10. Learn how to write reports!

There must be an ability to write good reports and test cases. Try to describe bugs elaborately and clearly, provide not only error symptoms but also the effects they produce and all possible ways to eliminate them.

Always remember, that software testing as service is a creative and ambitious challenge. The way you cope and solve problems depends on your skills, experience and way of thinking.

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