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Independent software testing companies are aware of the importance to track bugs and other issues in the process of software development projects. Bug tracking system is an application program that is created to help testers and developers to track the history of bug reports during their work. Bug trackers enable to create, store, view and modify information about bugs. The key part of such system is a database.

Dedicated testing teams or testers who perform various testing types understand the necessity  of finding, managing, tracking and eliminating every kind of bugs n order to build flawless applications. But another important question is: How to find and choose the best tool for tracking bugs? The specialists of our company have prepared the list of the best 10 tools for bug tracking.

bugtracking tools

#1 Exceptional 

It is a premium application made for web applications. Among the most important features are gathering a custom data, viewing of back traces and alerting in real time. Exceptional as a bug tracking tool provides a stable platform for tracking.

#2 Bugzilla

The given tool was developed by Mozilla. It keeps a record of bugs, errors and changes in the code. Bugzilla is used by such titans as Apache, Facebook &  NASA.

#3 Mantis

Mantis is written in PHP and is an open source web-based bug tracking system which is simple and easy-to-use. The given tool supports such database as MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.


It’s an issue tracking system. JIRA keeps a record and reports about the workflow. It performs an easy integration with the code development environments.

#5 Trac

Trac is a web-based open source application which is written in Python. The app is a handy tool for developers with convenient reporting facilities, roadmap and milestone tracking.

#6 Sifter

Premium bug tracking tool and requires a little of configuration and coding. Possesses a very easy interface.

#7 BugHerd

BugHerd is considered as one of the easiest bug tracking tools used by developers. It helps in capturing client’s feedback, tracking, rectifying and managing bugs on the go.

#8 FogBugz

FogBugz is built for the dedicated testing teams to track bugs through every phase of the development.

#9 LogDigger

Is a user-friendly tool with engaging UI tool for Java based applications. LogDigger allows building the custom modules via HTTP POST and then sends them to BugDigger. It can cooperate with any kind of Java web development framework.

#10 Redmine

Redmine is written in Ruby on Rails and performs a flexible project management with cross- platform and multiple database support. Among its best characteristics are: Project wiki, Gantt Chart, multiple languages, flexible role-based access controls, etc.






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