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It is a known fact that software testing companies are greatly concerned about the quality of production and they watch the software cracking tremblingly. This justifies the worldwide availability of software testers. Providing software testing services, these people ensure quality and performance of our software.

Many testers will never forget about negative testing though not all programmers are happy with this.  Such control is needed to secure from hackers, bots and Dos/DDos attacks.

What is the vocation of testing specialists? They must find the problems that are not obvious for others who also do not want to deal with them at all. Do not delay negative testing otherwise you endanger your system.

Positive and negative software testing

Let’s start from the very beginning. There are 2 checking sets when test cases are included in software testing:  positive and negative ones. At that, the latter prevails.

Positive testing is the process of testing the software for correct behavior according to the technical requirements and documentation.  Positive testing is performed to ensure the system does exactly what it is expected to be done.

Negative testing is the process of testing the software for abnormal behavior. In the course of this testing, we can know that the system can successfully handle situations when unexpected input is given.

Positive-negative testing

One should have a certain intuition or hunting instincts to carry out software testing. As a matter of fact, a dedicated tester is a person that has a spacious mind, therefore he/she is able to do both business analysis and software testing.

Testers check whether the entire process is carried out correctly, i.e. if there  is a compliance with technical requirements and test scenarios. It takes more time to perform positive and negative testing separately than when they are performed simultaneously.  This is due to the fact, that there are already two test iterations.

After all, closer to the point X, the faster time goes, the sooner you need to perform assigned tasks, correct defects, apply the final business requirements (which can vary) and make still a lot of things. Deadline is a hot time!

Separation of negative and positive tests is simply contrary to the nature of the tester! After all, his/her main task is to check the system for all possible end-user action.

And people are mostly illogical and could cause a variety of software problems. Running negative testing, engineers of a software services company prevents the users from causing software problems.


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