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Software testing outsourcing service is necessary for improvement and acceleration of software development life cycle and software quality assurance services.

The History of Independent Testing

The term “outsourced testing,” has entered our vocabulary recently, replacing the expression “independent testing” that is more familiar to us. The latter implies that testing is carried out by a company or group of people who are not directly involved in software development process. Not so long ago (the mid-80’s) independent testing was considered the only objective way of assessing a software product quality.

Independent Software Testing Company

Modern outsourced testing has become a separate branch in IT industry. In the Western countries, it is called Software Testing & Quality Assurance. On the North American and European markets, there are dozens of companies offering similar services.

It should be noted that every independent software testing company specializes in a particular type of the software testing services. Typically, small companies become familiar with quite a narrow field of specialization, such as testing of the software ergonomics, while the larger companies offer a complete set of testing services.

Types of the Software Testing Services

Actually, there is an extensive variety of software quality assurance and testing services. In general, it makes sense to divide the test services into two large groups.

The first group offers functional testing services, associated with the software functionality and are specified in the technical requirements. One type of functional tests is acceptance testing or acceptance tests. Functionality testing is of primary importance for software quality assurance, so software developers pay special attention to it.

The second group includes all other types of testing that are not associated with the basic software functions: performance, ergonomics, reliability, security and so on. There is no secret that during the development of technical requirements, many aspects of software functionality are overlooked, or these requirements are changed during their development without being documented.

What Should be Taken Into Account During Outsourced Software Testing

The leader who is going to perform independent software testing should be aware that the most successful results can be achieved only under certain conditions. The quality of the testing depends on the amount of information about the product that developer can transfer to the testing agency. The more information is provided,  better you can prepare test requirements, and the greater number of defects will be identified.

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