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The development of a qualitative software product may require the participation of several dedicated testing teams or even companies. The best results can be achieved with the help of outsourced testing services.

In order to use this approach effectively, it is essential to know how to organize the cooperation with the testing agency and how to avoid common mistakes.

Testing and Outsourcing

Testing is an integral part of the software development. Regardless of whether your software testing company has the testing department or not, testing is an important stage in the development lifecycle.

Up-to-date standards of quality as ISO 9001 and Capability Maturity Model (CMM) pay special attention to the testing, allocating it to a separate vital stage of the software development process. It is noteworthy that according to the overall quality assurance strategy, the testing process is responsible for bug detection in the program code in contrast to the preventive organizational measures that are more focused on the prevention of the bug occurrence.

Pathway to outsourcing software testing

Outsourced testing has been popular in IT-world already for a long time. Back in the 70’s, Glenford J. Myers noted that objective assessment of the software product is possible only through independent software testing services.

Why do the managers of IT departments turn to outsourcing testing services? There are several good reasons. As a rule, software development, as well as the implementation of projects are planned in a way of resource starvation during the project implementation.

These resources may include staff, financing, time. In addition, to perform complex stress testing services may require some special technical support.

Types of Independent Software Testing Services

At present, there are five basic scenarios of the outsourcing software testing depending on the problems that were found during software development.

  • Complete outsourcing of the entire quantity of testing works and software quality assurance.
  • The performance of the complicated, non-core, resource-intensive testing.
  • Faster extension of the company resources by the dedicated testing team.
  • Support of existing program products by testing of new releases.
  • The performance  of the independent quality audit.

Full Software Testing Outsourcing

When using this approach, business customer assigns the testing agency to perform a full range of testing workflows. At that, there is a close integration of the customer’s flow process with that of test agency.

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