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This article is dedicated to the key aspects of outsourcing software testing and quality assurance services. Outsourcing testing services are targeted at software testing in order to improve the quality of the tested software product. Every respectful software testing company possess a wealth of practical experience and expertise in the given sphere.

Specify the requirements.

In order to outsource software testing, it is essential to know the exact scope of the work ahead. If your client does not specify the requirements, you have to do this on your own and write them down. Both sides must often review the project to be aware of contradictions and inaccuracies if any.

Cooperate with your client.

Be a part of your client’s team; labor all the points together, without separating yourself from the team. Get familiar with the members of the project, what traditions they have, what their work schedule is, etc. Thus, you can get your hand in their workflows. Outsourcing quality assurance business owners are able to schedule their projects meetings to advantage.

Outsourcing QA is especially important for short-term projects when more testers are needed. After all, business projects require a high level of expertise that is why outsourcing QA is the best and cost effective solution.

Use the time difference as an advantage.

Make good use of the time and spend it on the interaction while using the idle hours of your clients to do a lot of things, and show them the result the next working day.

Accelerate the process of transmitting information.

Timely interaction is necessary for outsourced testing in order to avoid asymmetric information.

Have excellent knowledge of written English.

English is an official language of international business. Often, English is a second language for both the customer and for the outsourcing team.

Be flexible and adapt easily to the workflows.

Outsourcing QA team should be able to quickly understand new workflows and processes and to adapt to a new way of working in cooperation with a new client.

Be the experts.

Be expert in the area in which your client expects you to be an expert, namely, in the area of software testing and quality assurance.

Understand the cost structure of your client.

Your clients turn to you because you can provide the services to them in the most effective and efficient manner.

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