Security Testing


Security Testing Services: Necessary Skills

It is not a wonder that software usage became an integral part of our life. Daily users send hundreds of thousands of requests from a PC, tablet or smartphone even without thinking how the transmitted data remains confidential and safe. With the growth use of web- and desktop apps, also the quantity of software hacking and users’ identity theft grow.

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What Experience Should a Specialist in Penetration Testing Have?

Without a doubt such activities as functional testing, load testing, usability testing as well as security testing are obligatory for software development process.


How A Quality Assurance Company Can Use CyD NET Utils for Security Testing

CyD NET Utils has a lot of options that can be used by a quality assurance company for sites testing for various errors. One of such options is Security test module that tests the web site for main security problems: [checklist type=”eg. checked, dotted, arrowed” margin_bottom=”no”] SQL Injection; XSS; PHP includes. [/checklist] Search of system security weaknesses is necessary for

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