How A Quality Assurance Company Can Use CyD NET Utils for Security Testing

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CyD NET Utils has a lot of options that can be used by a quality assurance company for sites testing for various errors. One of such options is Security test module that tests the web site for main security problems:

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  • SQL Injection;
  • XSS;
  • PHP includes.


Search of system security weaknesses is necessary for the system administrators in order to know where there is a need to strengthen security. Sites security testing is performed to check the vulnerability to SQL injections that give opportunity to hack databases or to crash them.

Nowadays in Internet space it’s not a necessity to have good knowledge in order to create a site.

There is a huge amount of portal-designers that help any novice user to create the site. But sites created by portal-designers most frequently become the objects for hacker attacks. Such sites are extremely vulnerable and it’s very easy to get data from them.

Automated security testing services for sites created by portal-designers will help to discover vulnerabilities and make changes at the weakest places. A good system administrator, who is acquainted with programming technique of such sites, can improve protection.

It’s rather easy to conduct test with the help of a module, one needs only to set the program going and in some time it provides the list of weak places. In the options box it’s possible to choose types of mistakes that the program will look for.

Test for broken links as well as test for all the most common mistakes is provided in module interface.

Main part of resources (such as traffic and PC performance) the program is to spend on SQL injections tests. If mistake is found in the script, the program warns of the danger and provides a link to unsafe object. In order to remove it, it’s necessary to involve the specialist who has made the site.

Web-site security testing services are first of all needed for the personal data to be not lost. The most essential systems that prevent SQL injections should be created for sites that contain personal data and photos.

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