Methods for Websites Testing in Software Testing Outsourcing

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In order to conduct full site testing in software testing outsourcing it’s necessary to comply with the procedure that is checked by not a single developer. The testing process is to be thorough and carried out in several stages: functional, usability and non-functional testing are widely applicable. However, there are few testing methods that are frequently overlooked.

While working on the site, site layout is built. For correct web pages displaying, it is necessary to conduct app testing services using several browsers. Also during such a cross browser testing, configurations of screen resolutions are changed.

One more problem of the site layout is encoding errors, though browsers try to display the page in any case. In case of such mistakes, one can observe that the text is out of the intended for it fields (places).

Each browser processes the site encoding in its own way. That’s why it’s important for the site to be displayed identically on all popular programs, as it’ll extend the target audience. It’s proven that it’s more pleasant and preferable for people to spend their time on well-designed sites in terms of the site layout.

One more important type of application testing services is security testing. As a rule, it is highlighted and one pays enough attention to it, as operability of the whole site and safety of authorized users depend on this. Testing engineer has to check whether information, intended only for the administrator’s reviewing, is not visible for ordinary users. Site security is one more issue.

It’s necessary to decide how good site should be protected from the external actions before the site startup. During the application testing services, tester engineer tries to crack the site, if it is too simple to do and the site contains important information, then it’s necessary to increase site’s security.

For this task one hires the specialists who haven’t worked on this project. Testing types that are described above refer to the subtypes of non-functional testing.

They are important enough, and in order to create the project that will bring a good income, it’s necessary to devote enough time to layout and security issues. As well as during other types of work with the web-site, one complies a report which identifies the shortcomings and defects at the end of the check-outs.

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