How is Testing of Mobile Applications Conducted?

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Since the advent of the Android system, the development of applications, which work with this platform, has started to develop rapidly. For the release of the application not to be spoilt by a large quantity of defects, the check is carried out.

As a result of testing neglect, instead of a popular mobile application there are negative comments, low scores and accordingly low application rating and it is not downloaded by the users.

Mobile testing is complicated by a large amount of gadgets availability, that work with the same system but have different parameters (displays with different resolution capabilities, processor specifications, number of processor cores). That’s why many testing stages are conducted that start even before the beginning of the application writing.

First of all, by means of testing one defines the recommended system requirements for the application. When the build is ready, build verification test and fast check-out are conducted.

Complete testing of mobile application is conducted before the very launch of the application for any user to have the opportunity to download it.

It involves the following techniques:

  • Regression testing, with the help of which all test cases are checked.
  • Testing updates. It ensures that user’s data won’t be lost after the changes are made by the application (financial services, user’s name and using history). Testing updates is conducted on several devices. Pretty often the developers pay little attention to issues of data saving out of the old applications and the testing helps to solve this problem.
  • Application testing on different devices. As a rule, the application is developed for usage on both IOS and Android platforms (percentage ratio is 20 to 80). Monkey test is conducted mainly on Android because such applications variety is much bigger than Apple ones.

The testing process is conducted with the help of different programs that use the application as an ordinary user. Also, pretty often the companies invite real users, who having used the gadgets, draw up the usability and defects reports.

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