What IT Solutions Improve Tourism Customer Loyalty and Should They Be Tested?

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Modern IT solutions not only optimize day-to-day routine but also improve the quality to provide services for potential users.

In our post-pandemic life, user expectations and requirements are changed rapidly, therefore, the usage of IT solutions becomes more important than ever.

Today’s web technologies help to develop a loyal attitude at any stage of cooperation with corporations and separate companies.

But how do IT solutions improve the daily work of hotels and tourist portals?

Implementation of virtual tours, optimization of daily web tasks, and price monitoring are a few examples of how we can use modern technologies.

AR and VR are widely used to develop virtual tours in various hotels and agencies.

They go together with the possibility to rapidly book a room in a hotel by using the Internet of Things and voice search.

This article provides a short description of IT trends that become popular in the tourism sector and the correct way to implement them at the stage of development in web testing companies.

4 tendencies in a hospitality sector everyone should know

1. Contactless payments

Contactless payments have become a necessity since users all over the world refuse to use cash to pay for something.

Using this technology in your software will help potential users greatly save time while paying for products and services.

2. Voice control

Today voice search is a great possibility to book and search for products and services in various Internet communities.

Therefore, an application-in-test should have a clear structure: contain up-to-date information and rapidly react to all incoming requests.

3. Bot usage

The tourism and hospitality sector is primarily aimed at impressing its guests so using bots is a must-have!

These technologies allow to greatly minimize real cooperation with guests and reach a higher level of security that is very actual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. VR tours

Virtual tours or 360 videos are extremely helpful while selecting a hotel or a restaurant.

Today such tour records are very popular so they should function well and this can be reached only by excellent and permanent testing of the required software.

You should check if web tours work properly on numerous devices and function without VR devices.

Technological trends in the hospitality and tourism sector

Chatbots based on AI and smart price analyzers

Chatbots can help to instantly inform clients, and respond to incoming requests.

Moreover, AI helps each tourist predict the price of flights and understand if they should wait for a better price or purchase a ticket right now.


Many restaurants and hotels invest in non-classic software that has the highest level of information security to prevent cyberattacks.

The most popular examples of them are ransomware and phishing attacks.

Companies should follow local laws on the protection of personal data and be aware of the latest changes in laws.

Internet of Things

Sending and receiving information can’t work without Internet devices or BLE.

Internet of Things will become more and more popular.

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