Software Testing


Offshore Software Testing Services: What, Why and How

What Offshore Software Testing means? Offshore testing service helps customers to write, run and report software tests but not only this. It is desirable to have the definite outcome from software testing, i.e. negative or positive indication of a test case. Mostly, the work is aimed at engaging in some activity and getting outcomes – test run coverage and test

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The QA Manager’s Role in Quality Assured Services and Outsourcing

Do you know what pricelessness of software testing is? At a software testing company the key role of QA Manager consists in delivering a perfect service level. This is the reason why a QA Manager has always been appointed by TestMatick to every project whatever it is – big or small. It is a bit expensive to employ Quality Assurance

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When to Start Outsourcing Software Testing? What is the Best Time for Quality Assurance Services?

Should outsourcing software testing be considered a core competency and what about outsourcing software testing? These two are essentially important, so “both” could be the right answer. Besides, a software quality can be built as a core competence and outsourcing testing. It is possible to avoid a lot of various issues as well as build a stronger company and a

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QA Companies and Software Development

Your software testing company can easily become disconnected from your software development team and afterwards be accountable for bad quality and late releases.


4 Things to Remember Before Seeking Software Testing Company Services

IT outsourcing software development is no more a whim but a popular trend today. Companies that lack time and resources to carry out a certain project in-house decide to rely on QA consulting and testing services from off-site vendors.


7 Major Misunderstandings on QA Outsourcing

While dealing with QA Outsourcing partner first, companies are known to have some preconceptions regarding the differences in work style, partially originating from particular company culture as well as between the teams – an Agile and a traditional ones. Below it is a list of ordinary misunderstandings on QA Outsourcing.


How does Independent Testing Increase Effectiveness of Development Process?

Though it is believed that programmers play the main role in software development, project profitability and time-to-market of an application depend significantly on test engineers as well. This is especially true for traditional development models such as Waterfall model.


Are Programmers Always to Blame for Software Bugs?

Quality assurance became an integral branch of information technology. No modern application is created without software testing.


Methods for Websites Testing in Software Testing Outsourcing

In order to conduct full site testing in software testing outsourcing it’s necessary to comply with the procedure that is checked by not a single developer. The testing process is to be thorough and carried out in several stages: functional, usability and non-functional testing are widely applicable. However, there are few testing methods that are frequently overlooked.