Software Testing


Introduction to Regex

In this article, we’ll analyze 10 most popular symbols of regular expressions that can be met every day while performing software testing. And it’s Regex that will help us to interpret this.


The Concept of HTTP and How to Properly Test Its Performance

HTTP is an extensible protocol that is very easy to use. There are a lot of tests to check its correct performance, to find flaws in external design and to verify the security level of the entire product.


Main Problems with Enabling Developer Options on Android

The use of the developer options on Android, first of all, is necessary for specialists who must study/develop/improve or test this system. But sometimes even an ordinary user of a mobile device with this OS will find it useful to discover some interesting parameters and capabilities of the environment.


The Difference between GUI, API and Unit Tests (an Illustrative Example)

Every QA engineer knows about the standard pyramid of testing where unit tests are a basis of the whole software testing process, API is an interim stage, and finally, GUI tests which end the process of software testing. But what’s the difference between them?


Ways to Know That Your Tests Are Highly Efficient

It’s quite hard to develop efficient test scripts. Unclear, slow, and unstable tests are useless and their usage has more negative sides than positive ones. To understand whether the tests you are using are efficient, try to make your tests meet the following 7 principles of test efficiency.


How We Should Test Meta Tags

All websites can compete to be displayed in the first lines of search results, by using special tools and algorithms. And here so-called meta tags play a great role and we’ll talk about them further.


What We Can Test in the Network Tab

The Network tab is present in every modern web browser and is aimed at tracking speed and also the time needed to upload a page and all files that are or can be present on it. Every junior software tester who wants to enhance a level of his/her professional skills should study and test all functions of the Network tab.


Common Mistakes in Test Automation and How to Avoid Them

Following these simple tips, you can easily set a high-quality software test automation process and won’t worry excessively about the results of work accomplished. Besides, you will improve the necessary professional skills to help you search for a job in the best quality assurance organization.


The Concept of Thin and Thick Clients

In computer terminology, the term “client” stands for certain software/hardware that interacts with a server to enable a user to receive data on the actions done by a system. All clients in client-server architecture can be notionally divided into two subtypes: thick and thin ones. Let’s analyze each type separately.


Is There Bullying in QA: Why Have QA Engineers Missed This Bug?

Why have QAs not found it? Is it exclusively their responsibility to assure the quality of software? This topic is really interesting and making us think. We’ll try to give answers to these questions in this article.