Software Testing


Should Testers Learn PHP?

This article contains information about what the PHP programming language is, what its perspectives in the near future are, why testers need to learn it, and how much one can earn for such knowledge.


How to Test Search Functionality

We can see search systems in almost every second of software that comes out in production. And it is very convenient when testers have some kind of “useful cheat sheet” with points that need to be checked and the ones that can be skipped. We’ll present this material in the form of a small checklist.


How to Correctly Define the Objective of UX Testing

Qualitative methods (which include user experience research) directly depend on the task at hand. If the purposes and objectives of testing are vague, you can get interesting but irrelevant information, wasting time and the budget allocated for development.


First-Class QA Strategy for SaaS Solutions

Every year more and more companies start implementing their corporate solutions in the cloud. Global digital transformation is not new, it’s a common thing that should be taken into account and adopted. This article will analyze three types of testing, that should be executed prior to bringing a developed SaaS solution to a global market.


How Can a Tester Get Rid of Deception?

A software tester should do everything to not be deceived in cases when other people can be deluded. To not be tricked, QA engineers question their assumptions or team’s assumptions about the things they perfectly know. Further, we’ll analyze possible ways of deception, that should be avoided by testers.


Basic Categories of Test Scripts During API Tests

In this article, we will analyze the main principles and testing methods that should be used while working with API.


Peculiarities of Software Testing in 2021

The article analyzes the peculiarities of software testing in 2021.


Software Testing Myths and Facts in 2021

This article analyzes the most popular and interesting trends of software testing, that we meet every day.


IT Career Path: From QA Specialist to Project Manager

Moving from a tester position to a project manager one can sometimes be long, unpredictable for someone, but it certainly has its own nuances. And in order not to drive yourself into a professional impasse, this material will analyze the observations and conclusions on how to move from one position to another without losing professional skills!


DevTools Functions, Popular Among Software Testers

The article describes useful functions of DevTools, that can simplify the work of QA consulting and developers.