Mobile Testing


Mobile Testing: Why do We need It?

Nowadays the mobile application testing service every day gains more and more popularity. Functional testing of mobile applications usually covers user interaction testing as well as transactions testing.


Mobile Application Testing Services

When providing the software quality assurance testing services, dedicated testers use manual software testing methods as well as automated ones. As a rule, the dedicated testing team uses different automated testing tools for mobile applications testing services.


App and System Performance Testing

Performance testing is a process, which allows checking software behavior in real conditions, i.e., in terms of active use of the product in the necessary data amounts. In order to provide the customers with really good results, the software testing company should use various types of software testing services.


Security Testing Services: Necessary Skills

It is not a wonder that software usage became an integral part of our life. Daily users send hundreds of thousands of requests from a PC, tablet or smartphone even without thinking how the transmitted data remains confidential and safe. With the growth use of web- and desktop apps, also the quantity of software hacking and users’ identity theft grow.

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Testing Checklist For Mobile Apps

Mobile testing services are needed to make the users delighted with their apps every time, everywhere and at every turn.


How is Testing of Mobile Applications Conducted?

Since the advent of the Android system, the development of applications, which work with this platform, has started to develop rapidly. For the release of the application not to be spoilt by a large quantity of defects, the check is carried out.