Mobile Testing


How to Record Video of the Screen on Android Devices

Sometimes you may need to record the screen of your device. It is a common situation for a tester and for an ordinary user who needs to send someone a particular data. Let’s look into the ways how to do it.


Mobile Game Testing

Mobile game testing is a quite intensive but really fascinating process, to which you should properly prepare, before its execution.


User Feedback Testing on Mobile Devices

Currently, numerous mobile products of a different type are created every day, and in most cases, their developers try to make them completely convenient and clear to an end-user. Therefore, while testing mobile software, you should properly check user feedback, by analyzing a product from his/her point of view.


How Should We Organize a Mobile Application Testing Process?

While testing a mobile product, you should primarily choose the devices that will be used for testing the software, calculate the time, needed for requirements testing and API testing and also study the product’s behavior in real conditions by using mobile devices. But, above all, it’s important to make an application clear, accessible and user-friendly.


The Most Typical Software Defects in Mobile Application

Nowadays, mobile devices are an integral part of everybody’s life. Mobile application development constantly raises requirements for its products. Hence, developers should work hard to satisfy consumer needs. Therefore, testers are responsible for quality of these products.


How to Conduct a Qualitative Test of a Mobile Web Application

Mobile app testing has common features with desktop software testing. More specifically, they have similar HTML, CSS, JS. But on the other side, there are some differences that we will talk about.


Statistic Portals for Mobile Software

On the projects where mobile applications are developed, general testing is a required step. Except for classic OS and DPI parameters, specialists also need information about device usage. It allows covering the most common technical combinations (device + operating system) with tests.


The Process of Beta Testing Using TestFlight

It is a common fact that beta testing is one of the acceptance testing methods that is performed by a customer base. There are a lot of services for this kind of testing. However, if you need to test a program for an iOS device, then TestFlight is the best choice.


Frequently Asked Questions During Software Testing on iOS and MacOS

Testers who haven’t work with iOS and MacOS before, first of all, face a lot of issues with processing some action. In the article we analyzed the most relevant tips and operating algorithms with Apple devices.


Software Testing Consulting: Cross Reference Matrix

The test-requirements cross-reference matrix demonstrates how each requirement is listed within software requirements specification. In some cases it can be represented in a form of a table. The general approach to defining test cases involves using tables that enumerate the possible input data and actions that will be applied to the test cases. Each of these pairs (input data /

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