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Sometimes there is a huge need to instantly start operating a mobile device on a PC and also display one screen on two and more devices.

Developers wish to thoroughly study a certain part of their work and testers want to watch a video of the bug they have found and analyze the situation when it can appear.

For sure, today there are numerous applications on the net, that help to rapidly and qualitatively display a screen of a mobile device to the displays of local computers. Such applications can be found both on mobile operating systems and on the Internet.

Further, we’ll analyze a popular Vysor tool, that is very simple and multifunctional.



What is Vysor and what is used for?

It’s special software that allows users to rapidly connect a selected Android device to a PC and manage it freely. Such a connection helps to use a mouse and a keyboard as external control systems.

This software can be used to record video and capture screenshots.

Visor is available on Android and iOS mobile operating systems and is also used as an extension for browsers like Google Chrome, Linux, and Mac.

What is the correct way to install this software?

Installation and configuration of Vysor can be divided into equal stages:

  1. Installation on a local PC;
  2. Installation on a mobile device;
  3.  Switching on USB debugging options;
  4.  Connecting a smartphone to the system of a local PC.

Taking into account the OS of a selected PC, we should download and install a special package from an official portal of Vysor web developers. The installation process is very fast and easy: you just need to download and launch the installation file.

As for the Android mobile operating system, installation here starts when you have downloaded the apk file from the Play Market platform. When a common installation process is finished, you will see a unique shortcut of the application on the main screen of a mobile device.

To start working with software on a mobile device, you need to switch on USB debugging options. These options help to perform necessary operations to broaden the process of software development and its testing by using Android SDK.

You can switch on these options with the help of the “Developer options” tab on a mobile device.

For this, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab;
  • Open the “About phone” section;
  • Tap several times on the Build version to get a text message on the work of a developer mode;
  • In the main settings, go to the special “Developer options” menu;
  • Activate the “USB debugging” options.

When you have installed all the main programs, you can connect a mobile device to a local PC with a simple USB cable and open the Visor program on the PC. The software will instantly display the connected mobile device and will give a user access to all functions of switching on the device’s screen displaying on a computer.

If the device isn’t found for some reason, you can always use the link to download special ADB drivers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Vysor software

Numerous benefits and drawbacks depend somehow on the software version you are using since numerous options will become available only after you have purchased the paid version of the software.


1. Easy installation;
2. You can use a mouse and a keyboard when the Android device is connected;
3. Presence of the latest versions for such operating systems as Linux, Mac, and Windows;
4. Options to launch software automatically after PC’s startup;
5. Presence of the Vysor Share option to transfer test data to other users;
6. Options to connect a mobile device without a USB cable.


1. A low quality of photos in a free version of the software;
2. No possibility to record video in a free version;
3. Many advertisements in a free version.


This software is a world-class solution for displaying an image of the screen of the mobile device you are testing on a local PC.

This software can also help to rapidly and qualitatively operate a mobile device by connecting a keyboard and a computer mouse.

Visor software has numerous useful functions that will help either a common user or experienced QA engineers in their everyday work.

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