How We Should Implement Agile Manifesto While Executing Mobile Testing

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As we all know, the specific of mobile development requires constantly improving flexibility to develop qualitative and useful web software.

As for Agile Manifesto and its role in mobile software development and mobile testing, we’d like to mention typical peculiarities of this combination:

  1. Any functioning product should be always more important than TOR;
  2. A constant readiness to implement changes is more important than following an established idea.

Why is Agile Manifesto the most efficient approach to testing mobile software?

If you are working at a product company and have a task to test mobile software, you should keep in mind that the software you are testing should be better than the current offers of contestants.

Instant reaction to requests of the modern market is a key to success in the field of mobile development.

The constant development of documentation, following the trends, and user requests make product companies perform rapid testing, using constantly changing documentation.

Agile is a perfect choice in such cases.

Here, the following Agile principles take place:

  1. Completely satisfy all customer requests on the basis of instant delivery of parts of released software;
  2. Editing the requirements to development even at the last stages;
  3. Frequent delivery of working parts of software in production.

In the best case, these principles can be implemented ONLY if the following tools are present:

  • Constant access to builds, an established process of delivering new builds and releases;
  • Constant discussion of new requests on daily Scrum meetings.

The main feature of mobile development is having the possibility to analyze software versions to test almost any time.

In most cases, it takes not more than 20-25 minutes to develop a new version.

An established process of delivering each new build to testers helps to instantly receive tested web software upon request.

Having the possibility to instantly update and test new functionality can be a big catalyst in increasing the competitiveness of developed software.

Mobile software develops very rapidly.

Any director of a QA department should be familiar with new tendencies, should know how to select a proper test environment, and be always ready to implement innovations and philosophies of testing in his/her team.

It’s better to follow principles of constant adjustment to changing conditions:

  1. Tracking new technical products;
  2. Analyze Scrum upgrade and apply it in the field of software testing;
  3. Plan a test suite for new operating systems and devices beforehand.


To conclude, we’d like to mention that presence of bugs makes any mobile application non-competitive since a user always has a few options.

The need for constant updates requires constant flexibility either while developing or testing mobile software.

Agile is the best choice for all popular requests of mobile testing than other mobile technologies.

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