How to Display Gestures on iOS Videos

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Today a lot of attention is paid to the technical aspects of mobile app testing.

The issue with gesture displaying on iOS screens is very popular.
The AssistiveTouch Function

The AssistiveTouch Function

So what are the most popular methods to display gestures on iOS screens?

We’ll analyze this further.

Touch simulation

To use this method, you need to be familiar with a video editor since it requires using a recorded video, and different types of touches are simulated and overlapped with it.

This method gives a possibility to check and mark all locations of touches.

To record everything in detail and mark a place of touch correctly and a result of this behavior.

This process is quite complicated so it requires additional time spent and concentration while executing it.

The AssistiveTouch function

This method is quite popular.

It requires the configuration of the AssistiveTouch function by following the next steps:

  • Select phone settings;
  • Go to the “Accessibility” section;
  • Next, select “Touch” from the “Physical and Motor” section;
  • Check the box;
  • Launch the functionality;
  • Use “Custom Gestures”;
  • Click on “Create New Gesture…”
  • Play a screen touch;
  • Click on “Stop”;
  • Save it by clicking on “Save”;
  • Name it as required and save it;
  • The result is displayed in “Custom Gestures”.

Using a function of gesture displaying in an application also requires:

  1. Launching an application;
  2. Selecting a button and clicking on it;
  3. Selecting “Custom”;
  4. Selecting a gesture that has been previously created.

When a dot appears, move it to an application element that should be clicked and click on it.

You can switch off this function by taking the next steps:

  • Select a button;
  • Select “Custom”;
  • Click on the arrow in the menu.


To switch off the “AssistiveTouch” function, you need to switch off the AssistiveTouch box in the “Accessibility” section of “Touch” – this will deactivate it.

The suggested methods are not easy to use.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

So you need to take all drawbacks and benefits into account before using any of them.

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