Automated Testing


White UI Automation Framework Advantages for Automated Testing Services

White is a framework for automation of UI desktop apps. Some time ago the framework was given to other people to support them. The old documentation and, most importantly, discussions and solutions of the problems can be found here as well. This is a Net. framework that is why one may write automated tests with usage of any Net programming

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Why is Automation QA as a Service Necessary?

In case of absence of automated tools enabling regression testing, the main attention is accentuated on manual testing. This kind of testing is targeted at reaffirmation of the “well-known” state of software after it underwent corresponding modifications.


Cucumber and Selenium for Effective Automated Testing Services

Automated testing is surely a necessary routine in any large project. Test automation is associated with a number of tools and approaches, each possessing its pros and cons. But today we are going to focus on a Cucumber tool combined with Selenium framework.