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The majority of the specialists and dedicated tester teams from a respectful software testing companies use unit and module testing. But what the difference between them?

Component (module) testing checks the functionality and searches for bugs in some parts of the application that are available and can be tested separately (program module, objects, classes, functions, etc.). The usual component (module) testing is performed by invoking the code that should be tested. All detected defects are fixed in the code without its description in the bug tracking system.

Test First Approach

One of the most effective approaches of performing module testing is the preparation of automated testing services before the core encoding of the software. This is called “test driven development” or “test first approach”. The development process is performed till the moment all the test would be successfully performed.

The Difference Between Unit & Module Testing

Actually, there is no big difference between them, but it should be mentioned that in module testing we use real objects and drivers as the function parametres, while in module testing – particular meanings.

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