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There are a lot of opinions about Software Test Automation Engineers, their responsibilities and duties. Due to reality, 80% of the work time of auto-tester is dedicated to manual testing services: performing regression testing as a service, updating test cases, etc.

In general, automation testers mainly deal with technical aspects of any software test services. We can also consider automation testers as programmers with the slope of testing. They should be able to write codes, be professional with programming languages (as much as possible). The ability of code writing assures that tester can solve complex technical tasks. Tools that are mainly used by testers are JUnit & TestNG.

It’s also important to mention, with what team auto tester works. If it happens that automation tester mainly deals with manual testers, their cooperation can result in auto tester’s degradation skills and loss of enthusiasm. Of course, this question is disputable, but who knows what might happen. Right?

Automated testing is kind of testing in which one software is tested using another. Automated testing tools are the primary means by which this is done. This type of testing helps to speed up the testing process, save money and reduce manpower. Automated tests can be easily repeated, and they perform a task that are often almost impossible for manual testing. The leading automated testing tools are Cucumber, Selenium, LoadRunner and others.

Software testing companies in the USA made the list of skills that auto tester should possess. The basis for the given list were the CVs of applicants to software testing companies and 80% of CVs’ revision showed the following result:

  • SQL or relational database skills;
  • Java, including J2EE and EJBs;
  • Perl;
  •  Python;
  • C/C++;
  • Shell Scripting.

To be automation tester means to be well-versed in all technical aspects, be aware of new technologies, use different approaches and methods and simply love one’s job. It’s a common fact that if doing what you like, it can result in successful achievements, good health, being productive and happy. Do what you like and what brings you happiness!

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