Professional Automation Services: The Compilation of 6 Rest Services

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Rest services are widely used in it testing services, primarily when performing software test automation services.

#1 Groovy URL

The easiest way to execute the request from code is to use Groovy URL.

Rest Services


At first, we performed the request and then, with a help of JsonSlurper we unpacked it in Json.


#2 Groovy wslite

Groovy Wslite is also the library, which refers to Groovy “family”. Here testers would have a complete Rest client, due to which they can get all the response parameters:




When using Wslite, there is no need to convert the response in Json format, as the object of response possesses already Json properties. Testers also use Wslite together with SOAP services.


#3 Rest Assured

Rest Assured is a Java library. It makes the Rest testing with the use of java, similar to the approach with the use of Groovy. The given library can be truly called a powerful one  because due to it testers can create clear and easy maintainable tests.

Rest 2

#4 Spring RestTemplate

Those testers, who are working with Java, know what is Spring Framework. Spring is one of the most powerful frameworks and RestTemplate is an excellent library due to which one can create a rest client.

Rest 3

#5 Restlet

Restlet framework has many extensions, which allow the integration with the majority of frameworks.

#6 Postman

Postman is not a framework or a library, but a simple Google Chrome plug-in. It is quite a simple and convenient client, due to which one can make requests directly from a browser.

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