The Strategy of Using the Automated Testing Services

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Many software testers from top testing companies have already established the aim of automated testing as a service, namely the time reduction of software testing.  For automated testing service to be fruitful and successful, one needs to perform the following items:

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  • Software automation testers are those people who are responsible for test writing. When a test is ready, all the tests are transferred to the manual testing team, which performs their daily start and analysis. Thereby, automated tests also pass a testing process, and it results in the increases of their reliability and viability.
  • Those tests that are already written and debugged also may be transferred to the development team for new versions debugging.
  • Software development team is recommended to execute a daily build together with the run of all written tests on all test automation levels.[/checklist]


Writing and test automation approach depends on the application development process. Based on Rational Unified Process, TestMatick automation testers can offer the following procedure, divided into the following phases.

Test Automation Phases

  • Inception Phase. On the given stage, the selection of test automation tool takes place. The chosen tool will “decide” if the testers use already ready frameworks or will write tests from a scratch.
  • Elaboration Phase. Writing tests for the basic architecture. Later these tests will be used to receive build.
  • Construction Phase. On this phase testers perform more elaborate and detailed automation tests: critical functionality, regression testing service, end-to-end scenarios.
  • Transition Phase. Tests preparation to transfer to the client (if required).

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