Automated Testing


Software Testing Services: Unit or Module Testing

The majority of the specialists and dedicated tester teams from a respectful software testing companies use unit and module testing. But what the difference between them?


What is an Automated Software Testing?

Any software testing activities including outsourced software testing are normally divided into two types: manual and automated. But nowadays there is a tendency to make every testing automated and to fully substitute activities that are performed manually. It seems that manual testers might need to change their qualification very soon because of lack of work.


Automated Web Service Testing

Web-services are often used as intermediary between the client and the data provider. Web service can have several client systems, therefore its performance reliability has a direct impact on availability of any other clients business solutions.


Automated App Testing Services

App Test Automation is a software verification process that includes the following main functions and test steps: start, initialization, execution, analysis and  test results that are performed automatically with the help of specialized tools. Test automation is similar to manual functional testing, which is performed by the robot, not by a human.


Independent Software Testing Company: Manual Testing of Graphic Interface

Mobile app development includes not only process of app development but also the creation of web apps that are processed somehow at the client-side (JavaScript) or at the server-side. Dedicated testers of independent software testing company verify software quality by performing manual testing services though it is the most complex but at the same time most effective type of testing.


QA Testing Services: Automated and Manual Testing

Software testing service is a key factor for a successful workflow development and implementation. One of the main goals for developers, dedicated testers and business management, is to accelerate the process of testing and applications debugging, increasing of test coverage and improving the effectiveness of testing within the IT budget.


Software Testing Services: Bug Tracking Systems

Bug Tracking System (BTS) is an application program that is created to help testers and developers to track the history of bug reports during their work. Bug trackers enable to create, store, view and modify information about bugs. The key part of such systems is a database. Below, there is the list of the most popular and useful bug tracking systems. Bugzilla Bugzilla is one of

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Automated Testing Service: 4 Popular Myths

If you are interested in automated testing services and want to implement them on a project then check out our 4 artful delusions about automated testing.


Dedicated Testers aren’t the Only Providers of Software Testing Services

You are likely to have heard that some startups or significant software testing companies refuse to hire software testers. Why? In fact, they suppose that they can do without human resources by replacing them with different mechanisms. The best providers of software testing services are dedicated testers! They create value in many ways: dedicated testers cooperate with users in order

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White UI Automation Framework Advantages for Automated Testing Services

White is a framework for automation of UI desktop apps. Some time ago the framework was given to other people to support them. The old documentation and, most importantly, discussions and solutions of the problems can be found here as well. This is a Net. framework that is why one may write automated tests with usage of any Net programming

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