Automated Issue Tracking System – Powerful Tool of Dedicated Tester

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Issue tracking system is aimed at solving political problems rather than technical ones. It is a powerful tool used by most software quality assurance specialists, including dedicated tester. The system is famous for the following advantages:

  • The system is a tool for tracking the progress of the product development process on regular basis. Thus, information which is traditionally available only to senior management and some programmers becomes accessible to a wide range of employees at different levels of the organization. Issue tracking system allows its users to conduct unbiased and independent assessment of how well the works are done and if they are completed in accordance with the prescribed product development schedule. At any time you can familiarize yourself with the complete list of tasks that have to be resolved in due time. Everyone can be always given exhaustive information about current status of the product and its quality. And everyone can monitor the progress of work against schedules and how quickly the tasks are solved.

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  • The system is a means of interaction between employees. Each company somehow solves a number of organizational issues. When the problem-solving process is carried out automatically, many things become easier: employee performance is improved and scheduled; all the actions of the personnel are administered. Moreover, the system highlights some of the internal problems of the company, that were hidden before. A good system, especially the network, allows you to track the interaction between the staff involved in identifying and correcting the defects in the software in order to timely solve the outstanding issues and take measures to optimize the work. In particular, the system can help to identify the situations in which some employees or the teams behave improperly, when they trepass upon working time of other people, impose fraudulent claims, etc.

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