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Assurance testing services are meant to search for all types of errors that can be present in software apps / products or system. It is much better to prevent errors than to fix them as it may cost your company too dearly.

Errors in the program were missed

Operational Errors

You will always miss the errors, because all possible test cases cannot be executed. However, there will be more missed errors than expected. Therefore, after discovering the error that could have been detected long ago, especially in the later stages of testing, look for ways to improve the testing procedure.

No problem noticed

The error detected by the test can be left unnoticed for the following reasons.

    • The tester does not know what the correct result should be. If possible, also include the expected results in the descriptions of the tests. If the test is performed automatically, it is best to write the correct sample data next to its result.
    • The error was overlooked in a large amount of output data. Try to keep the output of the tests as short as possible. If this is not possible, send them to a file and prepare a program that checks them automatically.
    • The tester did not expect this test result. It happens that the test, designed for one small part of the program, reveals an error entirely in its other part. Be ready for this. Pay attention to list software testing companies in order to be aware of distinguished software testers living in beautiful Ukraine and USA.
    • The tester is tired and inattentive, he is bored. Try to organize the work so that no one can do the same test more than three times. Pass the tests between employees round.


  • The test engine is so complex that the tester pays more attention to it than to the results.

Missing errors on the screen

It is not easy to notice things like spelling mistakes, missed menu items and unaligned text, if you are focused mainly on the correctness of the data outputted by the program and its actions. Therefore, allocate time specifically to carefully study the entire contents of the screen.

The problem is not documented

A report on the problem found may not be compiled for the following reasons.

  • The tester is not following the instructions carefully.
  • The tester is not sure that these actions of the program are wrong, and is afraid of looking stupid.
  • The error seemed too minor to the tester, or he thinks that it will not be fixed.
  • The tester was asked not to document any more such errors.

Be informed that automated testing service contributes to accelerating time-to-market by reducing the number of repetitive tests cycles.

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