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Is the process of automation really beneficial? When is it appropriate to automate test cases? We would say that is not necessarily beneficial. For example, sometimes manual testing may be more suitable. Thus, if the application’s user interface must be changed significantly very soon, you’ll have to rewrite the automation. Moreover, it can take too much time to create test automation. Manual testing is more useful for brief periods. It is a better option if an application has too strict time limits, and the test automation is not available.

Nevertheless, automation has its particular strengths to enhance the long-term effectiveness of testing processes.

This kind of test supports:

  • Common regression testing
  • Fast feedback to the software engineers at the time of development
  • Almost limitless iterations of the test case realization
  • Specialized reports on the malfunctions of application
  • Support for Agile and eXtreme development techniques
  • Organized documentation of test cases
  • Search of flaws made during manual testing

Test Automation for Internet Apps

The most of modern computer applications are designed as web apps that must be used in an Web browser. The efficiency of these applications is different for different companies and organizations. In our time of constantly developing computer processes, such as eXtreme programming (XP) and Agile, one can say that streamlined testing and methods of quality guarantee are not sufficiently developed in most companies. Software tests are frequently realized manually.

Sometimes they can be efficient. But there are alternatives to the manual testings that many quality assurance team don’t know or aren’t able to perform. In most cases, they can significantly increase the effectiveness of their software production. Test automation is a good solution that suggests using a tool to repeat the tests of the target application as necessary.

Test automation has a lot of benefits, many of which concern the repeatability of the tests and the speed of their realization.

There are many commercial and open source instruments for improving the development of test automation. Selenium is probably the most widespread of them. Our guide will help all the users of Selenium to find out some effective means of developing test automation  for Internet applications.

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