E-commerce testing


Main Errors Made While Testing Fintech Software

Comprehensive web testing is an important element at any stage of software implementation since it can help to build first-class protection of any client’s confidential information. Further, we’ll analyze popular mistakes that can be made while testing financial software.


Ecommerce Testing: Key Features of Checking Online Marketplaces

A great commercial web portal is the key to your rapid success! But since there are a lot of sites on selling topics and specifics, it is necessary to create such web products with thoroughly tested functionality (from an external graphical interface to internal system operations and interactions).


Peculiarities of the OpenCart E-commerce Sites Testing

Before revealing the peculiarities of testing the OpenCart e-commerce site, you need to answer a simple question: ? We will hardly make a mistake when we say that the main features are the solution of the tasks and the technological possibilities of modern programming.


Using Empirical Methods for Rough Estimation

Some test managers make a work breakdown structure based on a quality risk analysis outcome. In development projects, development managers create a work breakdown structure based on designs and requirements. These are called ascending or “bottom-up” estimating methods. Bottom-up estimates can be checked using top-down estimation rules. In companies where the processes have reached a sufficient degree of formalization, metrics

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Mobile Application Testing Services

When providing the software quality assurance testing services, dedicated testers use manual software testing methods as well as automated ones. As a rule, the dedicated testing team uses different automated testing tools for mobile applications testing services.


Ecommerce Testing: Why is it Wrong to Hide Extra Charges From the Users?

Though e-commerce is popular nowadays and became a good alternative to traditional shopping, often clients refuse from online purchases. The most frequent cause of the refuse is unexpected increase of ultimate sum of the order. Sum of an Order Increases Because of Extra Charges For: –  delivery of the goods; – certain payment methods; – other additional supplements. Some web

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Tips from Quality Control Consultants: What Should Interface and Functionality of a Shopping Cart be Like?

It is impossible to imagine an online shop without a shopping cart. One doesn’t have to be an expert in mobile testing services, desktop testing or web application testing services to know that a shopping card plays an important role in an e-commerce system. It allows the customers to form, review, edit the orders. There Are 2 Main Scenarios of Using

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Providing Useful Information in E-Commerce Application

According to results of ecommerce testing, many web shops don’t give their clients sufficient information that allows them to choose and acquire the desired products fast and effortlessly.


QA Consulting: How to Organize Registration on a Web Shop?

People don’t like to spend time on filling various forms and share their personal data with reluctance. But clients’ personal information is necessary for identification of the clients and marketing purposes.


How to Increase the Number of Successful Online Purchases?

Online shopping has many advantages over traditional one, but people face some problems buying gods and services online.