Some Aspects of Testing an Online Store on Magento

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CMS Magento is an open-source software based on PHP and MySQL. This product is of general purpose and user-friendly.

The platform provides diverse functionality while developing and managing online store. When checking, special attention should be paid to cross browser testing, compatibility testing, as well as testing all the methods of payment.

CMS Magento Terminology:

  • CMS is a platform for optimizing the website. It provides tools for creating content (content and the ability to fill the site: setting up widgets, pages, images, video and audio files, etc.
  • Payment system is a set of rules that guarantees the transfer of value from one economic entity to another.
  • B2B is a combination of commercial interactions where the buyer is a third-party company.
  • B2C is a combination of commercial interactions where the buyer is the final consumer.
  • Gift Card – a gift certificate with an indication of the face value.

Types of payment systems in Magento:

  • Amazon Pay is a system for processing payments online. It uses Sandbox (test coverage that reproduces the operation of the payment system).
  • PayPal is an international payment system. For testing it is also necessary to set Sandbox.
  • Braintree is an international payment system that allows you to pay by credit card.

Setting up payment systems in Magento CMS:

  • log in to the administrative panel;
  • click on Menu > Configuration > Sales;
  • click on Payment Method;
  • in “Merchant Location”, select the country of the seller;
  • providing possible payment methods;
  • click on Settings to complete the PayPal settings;
  • choose a payment method;
  • in the Advanced Options, go to “Apply to” by selecting “All allowed countries” from the list;
  • select SSL verification;
  • click on Save Changes.

When testing gift cards, keep in mind that they can be physical (sending to the physical address of the recipient), virtual (sending to email), combined (sending to both email and physical address).


  • choose the type of goods;
  • go to the Catalog > Products section;
  • click on Add Product > Gift Card;
  • setting or possible selection of options;
  • filling in the form fields;
  • accounting is required for different types of cards (combined, physical);
  • select “Yes” in “Enable Product” to publish the product in the catalog;
  • in the Save drop-down list, click Save & Close.

Magento is a universal e-commerce platform. Providing a variety of functionalities contributes to the quality of doing business, taking into account all the needs of the client.

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