Testing a Personal Account of an Online Store

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An increase of the popularity of online purchases and services results in the appearance of more online stores.

Therefore, there is the necessity to offer good products and services in a competitive environment and use tools for interaction between a client and an online store.

And a personal account is an example of this.

A personal account is a tool that helps to automate the communication between an online store and a client (a user) and its testing is important while providing eCommerce testing services.

Benefits of using a personal account for a client (a user):

  • It helps to monitor a stage of order processing;
  • Thanks to the automation of some processes, there is no need to enter personal data once again;
  • Using special tools helps to use such functions as viewed products, a shopping list, a wish list;
  • A possibility to use reorder functionality;
  • Using bonuses, discounts, special offers, and personal offers;
  • A possibility to write a complaint;
  • A possibility to write a review.

Benefits of using a personal account for a website’s owner:

  • Automation of work processes is helpful when a client base grows and therefore, an online store also grows;
  • A loyalty system is offered to clients;
  • Creating a client base;
  • A possibility to track the frequency of purchases, a real level of popularity of offered products;
  • Using discounts, notifications of new products, special offers as a method to motivate users to make further purchases in an online store.

Personal account testing


A personal account should be easy to use, so it should be easy to sign up and log in, automatically create a user account after the first order or sign up with social media.

  • The Login button should be located in a visible place;
  • The Sign-up form should be clear and short;
  • The form should contain the info that registered users have benefits: special offers, discounts, etc.;
  • If the sign-up requires entering an email, a notification with the confirmation of registration should be sent to the email;
  • If the sign-up requires a mobile phone number, an SMS should be sent;
  • When a user confirms the registration but completes the required fields incorrectly, the form should not be sent and also, there should be a notification of this error,

Personal account page

  • Most users prefer when the Login button is located in the upper right corner (but it’s not required). Such location helps a user not miss this functionality and use it;
  • There should be a function to edit user’s data and the saved changes should be shown;
  • A possibility to change and recover a password.

Personal data protection

  • GDPR – a General Data Protection Regulation in EU;
  • The SSL certificate;
  • Security of the HTTPS connection.

Order tracking

  • Checking order status change;
  • Checking if it’s possible to receive notifications about a change in order status;
  • Testing the “Postpone delivery” button, “Call a courier” button if this functionality is enabled.

Order repeating

  • Testing the order repeating functionality involves rapid finding of pre-order and a possibility to make it in one click.


  • This stage of testing means that each product can be added to the “Wish list”, “Favorites” by clicking on a button, for example;
  • When we click on “Favorites”, we should see the Sign-up form or the Login form;
  • A correct number of products should be in the “Wish list”.


They should engage new clients and motivate the permanent ones.

  • The cashback system. When a client purchases something, he/she gains a percentage on his/her bank account. Testing includes checking a total percentage received for the purchased product;
  • A cumulative system. The discount amount depends on the products bought by a user. Testing should check if purchases are summarized correctly and if the discount amount is correct when there is the required level of the order price.
  • Bonuses. Receiving points while purchasing something, that can be used for paying for the next order. Testing means checking if points are granted after fulfilling discount conditions, a possibility to use the received points during further purchases.

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