Simple Steps to Become a Blockchain Developer

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Introduction or the first step

You, as a developer or tester, after working with numerous tools of a different type, probably use your personal tools, that seem the most pleasant and easy to use. And it’s great.

Therefore, you have your own technical background and you can move on a career ladder.

Experience in full-stack development or eCommerce testing is a benefit but not mandatory.

You may be focused on the back-end only and don’t work with web design.

Your main skills may be applied to the development of React components but you may not like micro-services.

The main task is to know how to apply your strong skills and flaws in the development of high-tech software.

Step 2: find skills that should be developed

When you find what are your strong and weak points, you should analyze what needs to be improved.

Ethereum can be a good start in blockchain development.

This platform is the second most important one in terms of its rates of market capitalization among all famous cryptocurrency systems. And this tendency exists since the moment this coin has been created.

In other words, Ethereum is a very interesting project that has many developers that can help you solve and understand the most trivial and simple tasks (and also, the Internet contains a lot of useful technical documentation).

So first, you need to learn Solidity — a special language of Ethereum smart contracts. This is in some way the basis for all decentralized software, based on Ethereum.

Then you need to learn Node/React that seem quite popular tools of modern front-end development and are the first choice among Dapp developers (decentralized software).

You can also work with Redux.

We’d also like to mention Truffle Suite software, aimed at perpetuating a Solidity software code and FE.

With the help of React, web3js, Node, and Solidity, you can easily create, test and deploy all decentralized Truffle Suite projects.

Step 3: self-study

You can find numerous useful and interesting web channels on YouTube, that contain qualitative materials on blockchain technologies.

You can find what you need among numerous learning resources.

The author’s technical documentation and notes on web products are really helpful.

Of course, they are in English, as many materials on web development of blockchain technologies.

Step 4: start of development

Start from small steps.

First, upload your test code to GitHub and show your work to other professionals.

You can use Heroku software to develop FE.

By the way, it’s free to create smart contracts for an Ethereum test environment.

The more frequently you develop something, the more material you will learn.

Different works will be a unique addition to your portfolio when you will look for a job.

Practice is the most efficient way to clearly show your current work in blockchain technologies.

If you instantly find a job, by following these steps, it will be great.

If you don’t, then try again.

Blockchain technologies develop really rapidly. You will definitely become the one who will apply his/her skills if you track all relevant tendencies in it.


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