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Though e-commerce is popular nowadays and became a good alternative to traditional shopping, often clients refuse from online purchases. The most frequent cause of the refuse is unexpected increase of ultimate sum of the order.

Sum of an Order Increases Because of Extra Charges For:

–  delivery of the goods;
– certain payment methods;
– other additional supplements.

Some web shop owners try to hide extra charges from the customers as long as possible in order not to push them away. As a result, a client learns about increase of the order amount only while finishing raising the order and this disappoints him or her very much.

Specialists in ecommerce testing claim that it is more preferable to notify the users about all the surcharges in advance. It is up to them to accept the extra payments or to go to another site.

Unexpected discounts, on the other hand, have no impact on customer decision about the purchase. However, if discounts are announced in advanced, they may persuade some people to buy the products.

So, it is wise to provide the users with expositive information about all the extra charges and discounts. Honesty and transparency of forming the ultimate sum of the order make up a good method of building long, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Thorough functional testing services, performance testing, usability testing and other verifications of the web shop assure its competitiveness at the market.

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