Game Testing


Game Testing Terminology: A Detailed Overview

If you perform game testing, you need to be familiar with so-called “gaming” terminology, which will help you thoroughly understand what needs to be done. Further, we’ll analyze the terms used while performing game testing.


Game Tester: Job Description and Main Responsibilities

Every other lover of various computer games has probably thought about making his/her hobby a regular income. For example, you can try to work as a game QA tester since this job becomes really popular in the IT field. Further, we will talk about game tester’s skills and main responsibilities.


Main Tendencies in the Mobile Game Testing Sphere for 2021

Today, the mobile gaming industry is evolving faster than ever. Such a rapid growth of this market and high competition require the owners of these products to have only the best and high-quality software. Let’s see how you can achieve this, taking into account all the latest features of this kind of checks.


Some Aspects of Game Testing on PC

The field of performance testing of computer games has its concepts and notation keys that are used by many specialists of game testing companies. In the article, we will analyze the main such concepts and peculiarities of game testing.


Mobile Game Testing

Mobile game testing is a quite intensive but really fascinating process, to which you should properly prepare, before its execution.


Online Service Steam and Issues With Its Installation

After reading this article, both compulsive gamblers and the junior tester can easily solve these problems with Steam installation in daily life and during test performance on some projects.


Game Offers: Types and Ways of Their Testing

An in-game offer – it’s a mandatory part of every game and it’s based on in-game sales. The task of a game testing company while checking the offers is to test the appearance of necessary offers at a particular moment of a game (for example, after passing a game level) and also to control the money charge in a proper quantity and receiving the purchased resources inside a game, that corresponds to the description of the offer that is being tested.


How to Perform Game Testing for Compatibility With Antivirus Products?

Nowadays there are a lot of antivirus products and companion programs. Unfortunately, some of them can easily block the performance of legally installed games because of some viruses or their potential existence in this game. To prevent these situations, QA engineers execute specialized tests


Video Game Testers Salaries in 2019

This article is devoted to analyzing a few peculiarities of the game industry and also, overviewing the tester salaries.


Alpha- And Beta-Testing of The Games

Game testing services is one of the fundamental stages in the process of game creation, which requires special attention. Depending on the specifics of the company or project, the process of development may vary. But in most cases, the development and testing of computer game always include the following stages: 1. Pre-manufacturing stage (pre-production) Usually, at the first step the

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