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Game testing services is one of the fundamental stages in the process of game creation, which requires special attention.

Depending on the specifics of the company or project, the process of development may vary. But in most cases, the development and testing of computer game always include the following stages:

1. Pre-manufacturing stage (pre-production)
Usually, at the first step the formation of idea precedes the beginning of creation of the new game. And the developer decides when the work starts.

2. Production
The second stage of the main production implies the performance of large works. The developers write the source code of the game, while the painters create graphics. The sound technicians create sound effects, and the composers compose music for the game. The designers form levels, and the writers create dialogs for the scenes with scripts and external characters.
Here the testers are involved in the work. And you get something to play.

3. Support
At the final stage, they connect some patches or correct the defects, found by the tester.
We´ll give you some examples of game tests.

Usually, all games pass the same cycle of testing to identify more errors. Let´s consider the testing of online games. It includes several stages:
At the initial stage, testing of the new games usually doesn’t take one tester too long. But closer to the final stage, just one game may take all time of several testers, due to the performance of regression tests, necessary to check the new possibilities. It is safe to say that the testing of games is very important, given their diversity and complexity. Thus, even one small change can have serious consequences. That is, the first stage includes obligatory game testing inside the software company.

After the formation of idea, conclusion of documentation, creation of code and graphics and execution of internal testing, the first alpha-version of the game is coming out (alpha-testing of the game) – it is something you can show to the users, something you can play. It means that the user, tester, designer and developer can see what they’ve done. Then they release several alpha-versions, including some additions.

Between the later alpha – and early beta-version they carry out beta-testing, or, in other words, testing of the preliminary version. This stage of development is usually quite time-consuming. Different companies have different ways of its execution. In most cases, the users themselves act as testers. Frequently, two kinds of beta-testing are used in the testing of online games:

open beta-testing of the online games (i.e. the game is coming to the market for general use);
closed beta-testing of the online games (i.e. the game is tested by the limited number of users).
If the project got a good grade from the users, the game goes to the stage of release and post-release, i.e. when the game is ready.

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