Game Testing


Alpha and Beta Game Testing

Game testing is one of the fundamental stages in the process of game development, which demands special attention. Depending on the software testing company specialization or the project, development process may change. Game testing companies provide services designed to log all encountered issues, to resolve already known bugs and consider new ones to eliminate them fast.


Dedicated Testers aren’t the Only Providers of Software Testing Services

You are likely to have heard that some startups or significant software testing companies refuse to hire software testers. Why? In fact, they suppose that they can do without human resources by replacing them with different mechanisms. The best providers of software testing services are dedicated testers! They create value in many ways: dedicated testers cooperate with users in order

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How Do Game Testers Feel About Working in Testing Companies?

There is hardly a person who has never dreamed of a game testing profession. Make your living while playing games! Doesn’t it sound great? While this may seem an excellent work and a cool way to get the first job in the game industry, there are still some cons of being a part of game testing companies.