How Do Game Testers Feel About Working in Testing Companies?

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There is hardly a person who has never dreamed of a game testing profession. Make your living while playing games! Doesn’t it sound great? While this may seem an excellent work and a cool way to get the first job in the game industry, there are still some cons of being a part of game testing companies.

So let’s focus on them to see if they are really so unbearable as some testers used to claim.

Tedious Tasks

Speaking about game testing services many people would think it is like playing a favourite game and getting fun. It could be but for one aspect: testing a game is testing its definite part for very many times for a couple of days, weeks or even months. This is a repetitive action that demands attentiveness and stamina. Take into account that a game tester doesn’t choose a game. With all above said, do you still think that working in game testing companies is an exciting routine? However, tedious tasks concern not only gaming industry.

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Low Wages

When communicating with gamers involved in game testing routine, you will likely hear how little they are paid for their work. Experienced professionals get a bit more than a minimum wage per hour, this is actually what make them boil over! They are angry about that harsh reality, yet only few of them decide to quit. Frankly speaking, the problem of low wages concerns not only the workers of game testing services industry.

Harsh Working Environment

Normally an ordinary business day lasts from 9 am to 6 pm, but not for game testers. The last weeks and days before a new game release are called “critical”. These are days of overtime job, but according to some experienced testers, game testing service of that sort is not always fairly paid. It is indeed difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle while working in the game testing companies. It sounds like a reason to change a job.

Poor Job Stability

In addition to physical and psychological stress faced by game testers, they don’t feel any stability. The best tester is considered the one who finds most bugs and it doesn’t matter whether he/she is fully devoted to the project he/she is working on or not. It should be mentioned that majority of game testers are freelance workers or not legally employed. Losing a job is a huge psychological trauma, in that case it is better to get ready for this in advance or to find a job with a range of benefits.

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