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Your software testing company can easily become disconnected from your software development team and afterwards be accountable for bad quality and late releases.

Meetings on daily basis are worth arranging but they cannot be always valuable since agendas go out of date.  Everyday reports are not bad as well but a status report mail can be very easily deleted or glanced over.

In addition to the fact that outcomes of software testing are not a leading indicator but rather a lagging one, it is not difficult to come into your own with a team striving for timely release of quality software.

Both Teams Are To Be Kept Sharp Twice a Day

Twice-daily report and adjustment once a week are the solution; they seem to be the most advantageous for the alignment of software testing teams and their being in synchrony with software development teams. However, due to some imperceptible elements with regard to these adjustments and reports the latter ones become extremely powerful tools.

You should report about your plans and why you have these very plans. This is a daily responsibility of every testing engineer.

Quality assurance organizations are created to provide the possible help related to the quality of software testing and software development.

You should immediately report blockers and appoint somebody to solve them. Quality Assurance Manager bears responsibility for management of blockers’ resolution.

You should report what you really did, why do you think this has value – it is important to prepare a list of defects / test cases but the “why” behind them is essentially more priceless.

You should meet for the test plan to be adjusted once a week.  This will help in keeping it in synchrony with quality goals and date your product will be released – most weeks need to be adjusted but not all.

Benefits That Are Hidden Behind the Scenes

There are three big benefits being not obvious immediately which go on behind the scenes.

  1. The actual plan is not as much valuable as the planning and negotiating the “why” of the goals. At the beginning of each day test engineers should spend some time for planning their day. Each person must make the most of each day in support of quality goals and date of the product release. Quality control company is responsible for keeping the situation under control.
  2. Also, you need to get rid of nasty blockers that do nothing but stand in everybody’s way. Just assign someone to resolve them and you will enable much smoother running of your plans.
  3. As a matter of fact, reporting value is pretty much valuable though subjective. If there is a vague idea of value, work is only a set of activities needed to accomplish an outcome. Value means that the outcomes are more worthy than the cost of the effort. Nowadays it is too troublesome to complete all the necessary tasks.
A Software Testing Company Should Deliver Value Day by Day

It is believed that simple processes leading to production of real value daily result in software production that will satisfy their quality goals and release date.

Quality control companies are those reliable partners you need to have software testing teams and software development teams aligned and in sync.

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