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IT outsourcing software development is no more a whim but a popular trend today. Companies that lack time and resources to carry out a certain project in-house decide to rely on QA consulting and testing services from off-site vendors.

The last is a nice choice for the firms that are not able to employ a full-time testing staff. Alongside numerous benefits of offshore outsourcing, it involves some risks, which can be unpleasant for both parts. In order to prevent that and guarantee smooth working process there is a list of mistakes typical for software development outsourcing companies and there are some recommendations how to avoid possible pitfalls.

1. Communication Problems

Poor communication in business may have frustrating results, while a team work and an excellent management is a key to success. In case of offshore software testing companies they may be located abroad or oversea. That is why establishing a clear and consistent communication is crucial. There exists a range of tools that encourage a daily communication with partners. Among them there are video and voice communication channels, instant messages, virtual office tools, TeamViewer software, etc. By applying any of them in effective way, you are guaranteed to get a positive work environment.

2. Choice of a Reliable Outsourcing Vendor

Choosing a respectable offshore team for efficient software testing and QA consulting may be a daunting task. It is not recommended to rush into decision with the first vendor you find. Instead, take some time and do thorough investigation of software testing companies. Mind such characteristics as experience, positive reviews and rich portfolio. No matter on what team you decide, it should help you succeed in reaching your goals.

3. Value-based Pricing

Outsourcing is associated with a low price. However, it is a mistake to pay attention to low cost rather than to value. Many IT outsourcing vendors try to win the market by damping the price for their services. Their hourly rate is indeed low, just like their effectiveness. If you expect to get positive results at the first time of employing a team of off-site software testing company, you’d better not think of the lowest price possible. Value should be the main concern!

4. Data Protection and Security Aspects

The best outsourcing vendor is the one that takes personal data security seriously. The last is definitely a point of concern for each and every software developing company. So if you need high-quality outsource QA and testing look for the team that is ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement and provide guarantees that they have secure database and perfect IP protection. Follow these recommendations to be sure that your sensitive data are in the right hands.

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