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You are likely to have heard that some startups or significant software testing companies refuse to hire software testers. Why? In fact, they suppose that they can do without human resources by replacing them with different mechanisms.

The best providers of software testing services are dedicated testers! They create value in many ways: dedicated testers cooperate with users in order to satisfy the requirements, investigate new ways for improvement of  manual exploratory testing services and automated testing services.

But can life go on without these specialists?

If the developers make mistakes and there are no dedicated testers to hire, you may consider the other safeguards:

  1. involve the developers in writing plenty of automated tests and save your time on manual software testing;
  2. assign your own people to dogfood for problems with the software being tested;
  3. build more traceability and logging into the software in order to identify as easy as possible where problems are arising;
  4. use previous versions of the software for monitoring the current activities to know whether the users behave differently and whether they behave in the desired way or not.

Automated testing services

Nowadays, automated testing services are very required. But automated testing is a problematic notion. One cannot automate testing since it is an analytical, cognitive and human process but not something that can be executed solely by a machine. Each machine works under the guidance of a person, following sent commands to it. So, in order to perform automated testing you must exactly be aware of the product you are going to test.


It makes a strong strategic sense to allow your own people to test pre-release code.  But much depends on the nature of software product and how much it can be used by people while keeping their common activities safe and secure.

Dogfood is good for web application testing services.  Owing to dogfood, upfront testing can be cost-effective. The nature of web apps allows making experiments such as controlled test flights or alpha/ beta – split testing. When doogfood is combined with monitoring it becomes an essentially powerful tool.

Production Monitoring and Logging

Monitoring. You can monitor the changes in users’ behavior and find out whether the new features have produced the desired effect or not. With the help of monitoring, you may know about non-functional concerns, if any. Monitoring makes it possible for you to know how much time users spend on completing special tasks like searching for a particular item or making a purchase.

Logging. To built-in logging to software seems to be quite easy. With the unhandled exception occurring in the code, it will be possible to trace the activity by the stack and be aware of users’ behavior.

Dedicated testers work in the best software testing companies and perform various types of testing. Depending on the situation, they can use the abovementioned mechanisms.

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