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Software testing service is a key factor for a successful workflow development and implementation. One of the main goals for developers, dedicated testers and business management, is to accelerate the process of testing and applications debugging, increasing of test coverage and improving the effectiveness of testing within the IT budget.

According to the level of automation, there are 2 types of testing:

  • Manual testing service that includes writing of test cases by dedicated testing team and manual check of all the test scenarios before the software release.
  • Automated testing service that includes the use of software utilities for test performance and verification of the test results, that helps to save testing time and simplify the testing process.

QA testing services are provided to reduce effort and time in testing.

In contrast with manual testing, QA test automation allows:

  • to verify whether all the workflow is correctly implemented within the shortest time period;
  • to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of testing process (accurate and repeated testing leads to early detection of the many defects);
  • the compatibility.

Automated testing services play a key role in speed increasing, effectiveness of software testing process and adds flexibility to it. As a result, the defects are detected in advance and fixed faster.

For performing the automated testing services, one can use the following programs:

  • Selenium WebDriver is an automated functional and regression testing tool. This tool simulates all user actions.
  • Jakarta JMeter is a load testing tool designed to test server load when there are a lot of users connecting to the server.

In the testing process, one can use 2 main approaches:

  • Selenium IDE tool for Mozilla Firefox that records the user actions and then simulates them during the testing process. At the same time even any insignificant changes in the software under test will require rewriting manual tests.
  • Scripting is a programming model in the languages (mainly in Java), specially developed to automate software testing, that reduces time of code changes when there are changes in web apps.

There are variants of software quality assurance testing services:

  • as an integral part of custom software development;
  • as an independent custom software testing service;
  • as an independent software quality assurance performance service.

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